Its Created For Everyone

To be honest, we have been considering naming our brand a luxury name that sounds like it originated from France or Italy.

However, after reconsidering our vision and objective, which is to help everyone, including you and me, to own a product that is great in quality, beautiful in appearance, and affordable in price, we gave up on the idea to name it a fake Italian brand name. Besides, we were struck by the name “Sarah”!

This traditionally feminine name has quite a few great meanings behind it: "Lady," "princess," and even "princess of the multitudes". Sarah has also been said to mean "happy" or "pure" in some languages.

"Sarah" perfectly matches our brand purpose and objective. It is so commonly used as a feminine name for both Malaysians and people around the world. We also hope to grow it from a local brand into an international brand in the future!

Thanks again for your support, and we hope you enjoy our skincare products that aim to help you raise your confidence!


Malaysia Formulated + Manufactured for Malaysians

Made for Malaysians by Malaysians. The founding team believes that this is a local brand that is built for everyone in our country who has skincare issues. As one of the most common names in Malaysia, Sarah is named to represent our aim to provide the best quality products to everyone who needs it.

Affordable Yet Premium

To speak more bluntly, we are not selling to high-end customers, as that would require us to use expensive products and spend millions on marketing. We are also not going to target extremely cheap pricing, as we believe in the quality of our products. For this reason, we hope that we can make products that are suitable and affordable for everyone while still maintaining a premium quality.